Natural Hair Care

I have crazy hair. No, really, it’s insane. All my friends have beautiful and shiny hair and I look like Bozo the clown after getting electrocuted! My hair won’t even grow much passed my shoulders. With that said, I have finally found hair care products that are cruelty free, natural, and WORK! And trust me, I’ve been through the ringer looking for over 5 years (that’s when I got all hippy (; )

So if you’re hair is on the coarse, wavy/curly hair with frizz and volume these products are for you! (Note: my mom has thin, silky, flat hair -we are opposites, thanks dad!- and I have found products for her as well finally which I will doo a different post on!)

Shampoo: Acure Everyday Clarifying Shampoo

photo 1

Cost: $9.99 (To me this is affordable in comparison to a lot of what is on the market these days, natural or not)

Found: I consider myself a Whole Foods Expert and every single one of the 16 Whole Foods I have been to across the country carries Acure. You can also buy it online though.

Why do I love it? I wash my hair every 3(ish) days. It is perfectly fine until it isn’t. When I need a wash, I need to wash it because it suddenly becomes greasy. I love this shampoo as it totally lathers, makes my scalp feel amazing, but isn’t too harsh like some clarifying shampoos I’ve mentioned. Note: Nature’s Gate makes a fabulous and strong lemon clarifying shampoo that I use once every other month but it is much too harsh to use every time.) It has lemongrass, argan stem cell, keratin and is safe for color treated hair (me!), vegan, gf, sulfate free, paraben and phthalate free, it is 100% biodegradable, AND NO FRAGRANCES! It’s basically a God send!

Conditioner: Acure Moroccan Stem Cell and Argan Oil

photo 2

Cost: $9.99 Again, some hair care costs upwards of like $50 these days! Even some at CVS and Walgreens can cost 20-30 bucks!

Found: Same as shampoo, gotta love WFM!

So why do I love it? It is so moisturizing and eliminates frizz without leaving me oily/greasy. I am not sure why but conditioners are always too thick for me and make my hair nasty or they just don’t moisturize my hair!


I don’t wash my hair but two or three times a week in the winter and I always use a thick wide-toothed comb in the shower when rinsing out my conditioner. When I get out of the shower, if I’ve used heat on my hair or I’m going to use heat I put a very small amount of almond and avocado oil blend on my tips.

That’s what works for me, but I wanna know y’alls tricks of the trade!


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