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I just wanted to do a sort of blog roll of the blogs I find that are not only not triggering, but help me realize balance is attainable (and different even for all of these amazing women!)

Snack Therapy Oh my gosh I love this lady. She says all the things I want to, but funnier, wittier, and just plain better. Just look through some of her hilarious yet true and empowering posts and you’ll laugh and cry and just feel amazing.

PB Fingers Julie is awesome and I have been reading her blog since 2010. She relatable, so sweet, incredibly creative, and healthy. Like for real healthy. She exercises and loves veggies but is not afraid to eat some cheesecake/ice cream/mac and cheese/whatever the hell she wants! She is beautiful inside and out and I love her upbeat attitude and crafty ideas. Also super weird? I lived in NC for 12 years and she lived in FL. She moved to NC and I moved to FL in the same month! SO weird! I love looking at her old blog posts and new ones and realizing I am in both of those areas all the time, it’s fun!

A Healthy Slice of Life: Okay, so I’m not a mom, but I love reading her funny little tidbits and healthy living posts. She is so honest and relatable and her daughters? Absolutely beautiful! I love her posts about her kids oddly enough! (Probably because I just love kids and she is a wonderful writer!)

The Londoner: Ahhh Rosie. This girl appears to live the dream and yet she is so magnetizing/friendly/witty/funny that you aren’t jealous or despising he for living some wildly awesome life. She doesn’t act superior and she is upfront and honest. Her fashion kills me, it is so on point and amazing and the photography is just stunning.

Hummusapien: Alexis is a really amazing RD who is blazing trails. She inspires me in my field of study (also dietetics) to think bigger and more creatively. She is also realistic. She indulges in moderation and doesn’t beat herself up if she misses a workout or eats some ice cream. She’s a total babe and hilarious writer. My only gripe is that as someone who is transitioning away from veganism after 4 years of feeling just sick on the diet, she is super pro vegan. I just don’t believe the same diet works for everyone. She doesn’t shove it down your throat though and isn’t a full vegan herself.

The Real Life RD: Pretty much the same deal as far as being an RD and pushing the vegan thing. I think it is just harder for me because I loved the ethics of this lifestyle and miss it and still struggle not being a vegan. She also will eat eggs or dairy once in a while and isn’t preachy but definitely advocates mostly plants! I adore her heartfelt posts on self-love, the misconception that we need to eat less and move more all the time and other myth-busting posts. She’s a totally superstar who’s back in school , running her nutrition business, and her blog; Somehow she still makes time for relaxing, food prep, and friends and it is totally inspiring.

Bleubird Blog: This is such a wonderful family blog with beautiful pictures and the most gorgeous family! I’ve followed it for a few years and love the different post styles she does!

Basically all of these women do what is best for them and live their life according to how they feel happy and balanced. They’re all so different but awesome and I’ve loved watching some of their blogs take off over the years! Give ’em a click!


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