Why Do We Fear Food?

Food is becoming much more than something to enjoy with friends ad family or nourish our bodies. It has become something to analyze, calculate, stress over, etc.

Fear food

We know obesity rates are climbing along with many ailments that precede them such as heart disease, diabetes, and hypertension. On the other end, eating disorders are at an all time high as well. With all this new info and the “knowledge” we are learning to “perfect” our diets, shouldn’t people be moving away from the extreme ends of the spectrum, landing somewhere happily in the middle?

Obese anorexic

Let’s break it down, shall we?

First of all “Corporate America” (I feel like Hyde on That 70’s Show!) is making you sick. They big names like Kraft make loads of money, you get sick, and now the pharmaceutical industry is making even more off you. Certain medications are so expensive that debt is inevitable. That’s also why they love the diet industry. They are feeding you artificial ingredients, preservatives, fillers, etc. Not to mention, when you are dieting you are stressed, which is way worse for you than eating the damned cupcake. Not that eating something bad will kill you or result in immediate disease/weight gain/etc, but if it comprises most of your diet then you are nutrient void which is a whole host of other problems. Did you know Obama past a law supporting Monsanto and GMO’s while putting the spotlight on gay marriage and abortion?

Obama Monsanto

As a plant-based eater I’m telling you scientifically, meat des not kill you, dairy does not kill you, wheat does not kill you. The stress you impose on yourself will kill you much faster. If you are constantly stressed or have anxiety your body will produce cortisol, which can make you gain weight and cause many hormonal imbalances, it keeps your body in fight or flight mode meaning your enteric and parasympathetic nervous systems never get a chance to “rest and digest” and you can have a host of digestive issues, nutrient mal-absorption, cravings, etc.

Oh, but you’re a clean eating vegan, or perhaps paleo? Maybe even dairy, grain, sugar, salt, fun free? Ok, but you are still avoiding a whole host of nutrients. What is the purpose in restricting your diet? Perfect health? There is no such thing. I’m veg for ethical reasons and gave up meat when I was 8. After letting go of my food rules and letting myself have gluten, sugar, whatever, I realized I just did not want meat in my diet even as a college student. Guess what else happened to my weight? NOTHING! Blasphemy, you say? When I gave up caring and just realized that my body had much more common sense than my head, my digestion got better. I was no longer eating so much salad I got nauseous, I no longer binged, I no longer stressed, and my digestion  and my bloodwork has never been better or more stable.


I don’t care if you read some book claiming that a raw diet cured cancer. We are all so different on a genetic level, why would someone else’s exact regime work for you when you are not that person? Unless you have a legitimate food allergy or intolerance, avoiding foods causes more harm than good. Not to mention, it all goes back to the “Big Wigs.” They have made trillions of dollars on niche diets that create new product margins. GF baked goods, raw kale chips, grain free muffin mixes, sugar free pudding, dairy free ice cream. These are new products and scaring you into thinking the other stuff is bad for you makes them money.

So try it; eat the damn cupcake. You’ll thank me, I promise.

*Disclaimer: I am NOT talking about true intolerances or allergies or ethics! Just the majority of people who feel the need to crunch numbers, micro and macronutrients, etc. 🙂