Obligatory Green Smoothie Recipe

Why obligatory? Well what lifestyle (even fashion or home) blog do you know that doesn’t have a billion variations of the almighty GS? This is my go-to though. It’s rich and creamy and indulgent. I’m not a fruit-smoothie kinda gal. I’d rather eat my fruit and drink a mylkshake!

So without further ado, here is my every day healthy mylkshake (still a green smoothie!) recipe!


Serves 1:

  • 1 frozen RIPE banana
  • Roughly half a cup frozen zucchini (trust me! I’ve done this for years and it’s incredible)
  • Fresh leafy greens of choice (If you do frozen greens, make sure at least half of your banana is not frozen, it will be really icy and not as creamy/dreamy if all these components are frozen)
  • Half a cup of thai young coconut flesh (sub: 1-2 tbs nutbutter, chia seed gel, half an avocado)
  • 1 medjool date
  • Optional: cacao powder, vanilla extract, sweetner of choice, protein powder

I put the non frozen components in first and blend that up, if you do this first, you don’t have to use as much liquid which results in the creamy-spoon-worthy-needs-a-bowl type of smoothie that I personally love! So through in whichever component is not frozen and a tad of almond/cashew/coconut/unicorn mylk or water you want and then add the frozen zucchini. Once that has blended a little, add the frozen banana (or spinach if you used fresh banana) and lastly add in powders, magic potions, and sweetners!

Above is the most simple you’ll ever see one of my smoothies. I normally am a wild toppings girl and add berries, nut butter, all the seeds, goji berries, mulberries, another date chopped up, and as pictured above, coconut oil “magic shell”. I just stir melted coconut oil and cacao with a dash of maple syrup and pour onto the smoothie, then stick it in the fridge for a minute to harden! Who needs a milkshake when you’ve got this bad boy!?


PS! I’ve been having major tummy troubles lately and this is literally one of the only things that DOESN’T hurt my belly!



Ahimsa is the sanskrit word for non-harming.

It was the number one reason I went vegan (actually the ONLY reason at the time! I was 14 hah!) That spiraled out of control for me though and I began eating less and less and pretty much only veggies with the occasional raw chocolate, low GI fruit, maybe some nuts or avocado. I finally thought I had gotten over that and learned to be kinder to myself. To allow myself some room to eat carrot cake and pizza and even an occasional certified humane pastured-raise egg if my body truly needed it. I got rid of labels and just learned to listen to my own body, instead of everyone else.

My depression got better, I was happy, motivated, sleeping well, and felt like my old self again. But it didn’t last long. Until five minutes ago when I had the most wonderful phone conversation with my mom, I had been in my darkest place yet. At the local community college, tredging through, pretending I was ok. My parents had no idea that for the last three weeks on my “way to school” I really pulled over in a parking lot en route and just balle my eyes out. I haven’t slept in those three weeks or gone to class. I tried. I tried so hard, but couldn’t make myself. I turned to food again, to quell the guilt and anxiety. I have been binging on sweet, indulgent, creamy food that temporarily made me feel better, only to have the opiate-like effects wear off in an hour and desperately needing a distraction from the misery of my routine that I did it again. I didn’t even make the connection, between food and school until yesterday to be quite frank. Why yesterday? I was about to leave for class so I had breakfast, which turned into our whole fridge and half our pantry and I finally purged. I just could not breathe I was so stuffed. After five and a half months I had “failed.”

This type of school is not for me. It is an hour drive both ways, filled with the most insane and ludicrous people, a fair amount of inept professor’s, and quite frankly I just HATED it. I was waking up every week day dreading the day ahead. It got so bad I have developed horrible GI problems and literally everything I eat makes me bloat and doesn’t sit right or get digested; because my sympathetic nervous sytem is ALWAYS going, not giving my enteric nervous sytem a chance to digest! My anxiety is all day and every day.

I have decided to do what my heart wants. What makes me excited to wake up and learn about every day. I still feel like a failure. Not because school isn’t for me, as much as the fact that I know when I tell my father he will be so disapointed. He is the most inspiring and wonderful man who has given me more than I could ever want and need, but he is a traditionalist and I know he will be embarrassed and furious for me withdrawing. I feel like a failure because my depression is bigger than the drive and desire to make him proud. I feel like a failure for not sticking it out for him. I hope one day to make him proud and to be makong things easier on them, not harder.

And in this moment that I feel like I have failed my dad, I must practice ahimsa towards myself.